Meet The Group

Fourth Years

Jules Herman

  • Major: Foreign Affairs, Women and Gender Studies
  • Audition Songs: Take Me to Church, Before He Cheats
  • Yes To: Hammocks, Tea, Spotify Discover Weekly
  • No To: Meat, Humidity, the Gender Binary

Syd Kirk

  • Major: Global Studies
  • Audition Songs: Father, All I Ask
  • Yes To: Harry Potter, Waffles, Dark Green, Hiking
  • No To: Cilantro, Spider Crickets, Losing Card Games

Noah McIntire

  • Major: Computer Science
  • Audition Songs: Troublemaker, Take Me to Church
  • Yes To: Paella, Patterned Shirts, Pineapple
  • No To: Wintergreen Mints, Ketchup

Third Years

Jacob Moore

  • Major: Psychology
  • Audition Songs: Death of a Bachelor, Everybody Talks
  • Yes To: Good Vibes, Livin Life
  • No To: Bad Times, Facing Strife

Emily Pasquinelli

  • Major: Media Studies, Public Policy
  • Audition Songs: All I Want, Born This Way
  • Yes To: Timothee Chalamet, The Bee Movie, Doing Love Island impersonations luv
  • No To: Donna being dead in Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again

Elise Ebert

  • Major: Speech Communication Disorders
  • Audition Songs: POV, Bleeding Love
  • Yes To: Taylor Swift, Garlic Bread, The Princess Bride
  • No To: Paper Cuts, Deep-Sea Creatures, Essays that aren’t in Times New Roman

Jack Kehoe

  • Major: Computer Science and Music
  • Audition Songs: Question, Death of a Bachelor
  • Yes To: Spicy Ramen, Febreze, Sampled Songs
  • No To: Weather over 75 degrees, Haircuts, Cheez-Its

Sam Harless

  • Major: Computer Science
  • Audition Songs: Creep, Never Enough
  • Yes To: Rock Climbing, Sparkling Water
  • No To: Slow Walkers, Falling Asleep, The Dental Conspiracy

Second Years

Nathan Hershberger

  • Major: Music and Psychology
  • Audition Songs: Say You Won’t Let Go, Why Don’t We Just Dance
  • Yes To: John Mayer, Trivial Pursuit, Golf Weather
  • No To: Notes Above C, Zucchini and other forms of Squash

Hayden Luckert

  • Major: Spanish
  • Audition Songs: Ordinary People, Golden, Someone New
  • Yes To: Cats, Bad Movies, Rereading Books from Childhood
  • No To: Gluten, Shorts that go below the knee, Vowels that aren’t tall

Emily Pitts

  • Major: English or Media Studies?
  • Audition Songs: Like I’m Gonna Lose You, Still Into You
  • Yes To: Antique Stores, The Beatles, Sudoku Puzzles, Jazz Hands
  • No To: Bananas, Cockroaches, Joey King in any of the Kissing Booth Movies

Alexandra Kerr

  • Major: English
  • Audition Songs: Different Worlds, Traitor, The Bottom
  • Yes To: Polaroids, String Lights
  • No To: The Cold, The Snow

First Years

Ethan Nguyen

  • Major: Computer Science
  • Audition Songs: Just the Two of Us, Misery
  • Yes To: Games, Long Hugs, Naps
  • No To: Finding Housing, Waking Up Early, Ohill Dish Return Smell

Aimee Lu

  • Major: Nursing
  • Audition Songs: The One That Got Away, Always Remember Us This Way
  • Yes To: Celsius, Hotpot, Matcha, Winter Beach Visits
  • No To: Anatomy Textbook, the person who dented my Hydro Flask and giggled at me (pure evil)

Charlotte Mulligan

  • Major: Statistics (maybe also Music??)
  • Audition Songs: Hiding My Heart, Hypotheticals, Prisoner
  • Yes To: Yerba Mate, Crunchy Leaves, Good Hugs
  • No To: Squirrels, Humidity, Awkard Eye Contact