The 2023 Spring Concert


Hi everyone, and welcome to the New Dominions Spring 2023 Concert! My name is Emily Pitts, and I have the great honor of serving as President this year. I am beyond proud of the time, effort and incredible talent put forth by each member of this group. NewDos has been my home for the past two years, and I could not imagine performing alongside a better group of people. I think I can speak for the entire group when I say we are so excited to share some beautiful music (and a little comedy) with you all!

As many of you know, this is the last concert for a few of our NewDos, who will soon leave us to become old and crusty. Syd, Noah, and Jules: you have no idea how much of an impact you have left on every one of our lives, both with your incredible talent and incomparable friendship. It seems impossible to imagine a rehearsal without Syd’s energetic enthusiasm after a long frisbee practice, Noah’s contagious laugh and iconic “doodoodoo”, or Jules’ sage advice punctuated with a simple “word.” I am continually grateful to be in the presence of your talent and even more grateful to call you my best friends. Even as you go on to do great things, know that you have my heart with you. 

We’ve got a great show for you tonight! Stay tuned for a night of emotions, killer arrangements (thanks to our FABULOUS Music Director Elise), and some great comedy sketches. Thank you to all of our family and friends for all of the love and support. We couldn’t do it without you! LIVE FROM MCLEOD IT’S (Thursday) NIGHT!!

Much love,

Emily Pitts

Class of 2025, President

Tonight’s Set List

Act 1

Mistakes o.p.b. Hippo Campus- Arr. Elise Ebert

Solo: Jack Kehoe

Lavender Haze o.p.b. Taylor Swift- Arr. Elise Ebert

Solo: Emily Pitts, Perc: Hayden Luckert

Pool o.p.b. Still Woozy and Remi Wolf- Arr. Elise Ebert

Solo: Aimee Lu and Sam Harless, Perc: Hayden Luckert

Skin on Skin o.p.b. Franc Moody- Arr. Jack Kehoe

Solo: Hayden Luckert, Perc: Emily Pasquinelli and Aimee Lu

Alumni Song: My Heart With You o.p.b. The Rescues- Arr. Kerry Johnson ’17

Intermission- Performance by the Harmonious Hoos

Act 2

Bad Habit o.p.b. Steve Lacey- Arr. Elise Ebert

Solo: Ethan Nguyen, Harm: Sam Harless, Perc: Alexandra Kerr

Reckless Driving o.p.b. Lizzy McAlpine and Ben Kessler- Arr. Alexandra kerr

Solo: Alexandra Kerr & Jacob Moore, Perc: Emily Pasquinelli

Baby in Blue o.p.b. Madisenxoxo- Arr. Jack Kehoe

Senior Solo: Syd Kirk, Perc: Sam Harless

Matilda o.p.b. Harry Styles- Arr. Noah McIntire

Senior Solo: Noah McIntire

Pray o.p.b. Sam Smith- Arr. Jack Kehoe

Senior Solo: Jules Herman, Perc: Sam Harless

Burt Kahn recently sat down with the cast of Saturdo Newt Live to ask them about their favorite sketch throughout their time on the show:

4th Years

Syd Kirk

“My favorite sketch I’ve ever done is Hydra Hydra. The Hydra frisbee team got confronted and then subsequently eaten by a giant animatronic hydra (voiced by me!) over a dispute involving copyright infringement. It was a killer segment!”

Noah McIntire

“By far my favorite was our Indiana Jones spoof sketch. Playing the character “Gramps”, I was called upon by the other MDs to come out of retirement for one final quest. We discovered an ancient scroll with a message from the gods. Most of it was withered with age, but we were able to decipher the words “doo doo doo” from the remnants…”

Jules Herman

“It’s tough, but I think my favorite sketch was “Haunted.” I played a retired Business Manager who’s been trying to move on for two years, but keeps getting haunted by the ghosts of Venmo Group Accounts and the IRS.”

3rd Years

Jack Kehoe

“I think my best comedy came from our “Thiwd Wheel” sketch. Basically Noah and Hayden would be having their little moments, and then the camera would pan to me right next to them, alternating between pursing my lips and flailing my arms. Oh, and of course I was Weawing WedTM the whole time.”

Emily Pasquinelli, Publicity Chair

“My favorite sketch I’ve ever done was a parody of a youtube commentary video where we only spoke in vine booms and royalty-free music. I don’t know if the audience knew what was going on, but we were having a blast.”

Jacob Moore

“My favorite is our SuperBowl sketch because I surprised everyone by leading a flashmob with Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders in a mini-performance of “Thunderstruck” by AC/DC. The energy was electric, and it was a thrill to see the audience’s reaction to our funny variations of the original routine.”

Elise Ebert, Music Director

“I found that going to Vienna to shoot our Modern Opera sketch was incredible. I loved getting to sing modern classics like “Love Story” by Taylor Swift for a full house expecting an Italian opera. I could barely keep a straight face.”

Sam Harless, Master of the Web

“I think my favorite bit is whenever I reprise my “Handyman” character. I’ll just be chillin’, but then something ridiculous goes wrong in a sketch and I appear from a cloud of smoke to fix it.”

2nd Years

Nathan Hershberger, Vice President

“My favorite sketch has to be the double date sketch. It started with me and Hayden each on blind dates with two girls. I eventually lost interest in my date and switched to Hayden’s date before realizing the only one for me was Hayden. I don’t know if the girls found it as funny as Hayden and I did.”

Emily Pitts, President

“It’s a tough call, but I’d have to say I’m most proud of my multi-year long bit (that’s still running!) of convincing everyone that I’m from Alabama. I’m actually from NOVA, but my faux Southern charm has everyone fooled! Maybe even the writers. ”

Hayden Luckert, Vice President

“I really came alive in our Shakira impersonation sketch. Being able to use my Spanish skills in a different environment (i.e. being in prison for tax fraud) was great. Going to Valencia was a fantastic way to prepare.”

Alexandra Kerr, Publicity Chair

“If I had to choose one, it would be the one where we had Lizzy McAlphine as a special guest and made a skit using song titles and lyrics from her album 5 Seconds Flat. My favorite line was “Why did the ghost call Lizzy McAlpine again? Because he wanted to hear Called You Again!”

1st Years

Aimee Lu

”I’d have to say my favorite sketch is where I played a track star superhero. While sprinting across a burning field, I executed some killer dance moves to Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” all while warding off villains (who were actually all played by Ethan Nguyen) by whacking them with my trusty anatomy notebook!. It really showcased all my skills as a performer.”

Ethan Nguyen

“Surely my best work is ‘SpongeBob Speaks’ from a few years back. The sketch was widely regarded as one of the most emotional and moving segments ever broadcast on television. It followed SpongeBob as he opened up about his struggles with love, loss, and the pressures of being a sponge.”

Charlotte Mulligan, Business Manager

”My favorite moment on the show was when I played a traveling Brit who had just booked an Airbnb (which I am definitely old enough to do) for the Statistics World Conference in San Diego. Once I got inside the conference, though, it turned into a nightmare of a bunch of angry Venmo employees yelling at me to do my probability homework. Super funny stuff.”

Enjoying the Show?

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After the concert, please join us at 1406 Grady Avenue for our after party!