Fall 2022 Concert


Welcome family and friends to the New Dominions fall concert! My name is Emily Pasquinelli and it has been an absolute joy to serve as President for the last two semesters. On behalf of everyone in NewDos, we simply could not be more thrilled to be surrounded by all of you tonight. All of us have worked so hard this semester to put together the diverse and exciting set list you’ll hear this evening; we are so eager to share it with you all!

Tonight our theme may be “ClueDos”, but when I look back on this semester it’s no mystery at all how we made it to this point— a concert that we’re all so proud of. Instead of Professor Plum in the library with the candlestick, I blame our Music Director Jack in  the Commonwealth Room with his incredible arrangements. Or maybe I’ll accuse our three wonderful Newbs in the lawn audition room with their killer voices. Or perhaps it was *gasp* every single NewDo in each rehearsal with their admirable dedication. 

Whoever the culprit is…I am grateful and proud to have the opportunity to perform alongside the most talented and compassionate group of people I’ve ever met. NewDos continues to be the best part of my UVA experience! Thank you all so much for the love and support, we can’t wait to share some great music with you. 

Enjoy the show!

Emily Pasquinelli

Class of 2024, President

Tonight’s Set List

Act 1

Watcha Say by Jason Derulo- Arr. Jack

Solo: Hayden, Perc: Emily Pasquinelli

Something Better by Taylor Janzen- Arr. Alexandra

Solo: Emily Pitts and Charlotte, Perc: Jack

Almost by Hozier- Arr. Jack

Solo: Noah, Perc: Alexandra

Love Again by Dua Lipa- Arr. Jack

Solo: Emily Pasquinelli, Perc: Sam

All I Need by Jacob Collier ft. Mahalia and Ty Dolla $ign- Arr. Jack

Solo: Nathan and Becca, Perc: Jack

Intermission- Performance by Hoos In Treble

Act 2

The Weekend by Sza- Arr. Jack

Solo: Alexandra, Perc: Hayden

❤️ by Coldplay, We Are KING, Jacob Collier- Arr. Jack

June by Charlie Burg- Arr. Jack

Solo: Sam, Perc: Emily Pasquinelli

Talk Too Much by COIN- Arr. Jack

Solo: Jack, Perc: Emily Pasquinelli

Everybody Wants to Rule the World opb Tears for Fears, Cover by Sammy Rae and Friends- Arr. Noah

Solo: Jules, Perc: Sam

No Roots by Alice Merton- Arr. Haley Hataway ’18 and Allison Burge ’20

Solo: Oona Quinn ’20, Perc: Karin Kirn ’21

The Newdos are all suspects for the murder of Burt Khan. These are their alibis.

4th Years

Noah McIntire

Noah was too busy doo-doo-doing computer science to be the killer. On the bright side, he got his code to run! Yay Noah!

Weapon of choice: tempo changes

Jules Herman

Jules could never be the killer right?!?! Then again…they are taking a Gender and Espionage class this semester, so would we ever really know if they were?

Weapon of choice: The Gay Agenda

3rd Years

Jack Kehoe, Music Director

Jack was busy playing Mario Kart when the murder occurred. He was honing his skills to ensure his domination in the next Newdos tournament. 

Weapon of choice: Nintendo Switch joy con

Emily Pasquinelli, President

Emily was at home cooking up her world famous sauce. Apparently she’s a messy cook because her apron is covered with red stains. 

Weapon of choice: Rudy bat

Jacob Moore, Vice President

Jacob was allegedly memorizing his 8th Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders routine. While no one could corroborate his story, he did execute a perfect rendition of their Thunderstruck pre-game entrance.

Weapon of choice: flavor-blasted goldfish carton

Becca Diggs, Publicity Chair

Becca couldn’t be the killer, she was in class— no wait, working at the hospital— nope she was volunteering at the gym?!? At any rate, she was far too busy to kill anyone.

Weapon of choice: Megaball

Sam Harless, Master of the Web

Sam was too busy to kill anyone, as he was thoroughly trouncing the rest of the Newdos on the pickleball court. One day he will dethrone the King of Pickle

Weapon of Choice: his recorder

2nd Years

Nathan Hershberger, Vice President

Nathan says he was too tall to commit the murder. He then went on a 10 minute rant about Sam’s ambitions to dethrone the King of Pickle.

Weapon of Choice: got kik?

Emily Pitts, Business Manager

On the night in question Emily Pitts was moderating a Model UN conference. Any killing that was done was to her soul as she sat there rethinking her life choices.

Weapon of choice: that good ‘ole southern charm 

Hayden Luckert

Hayden was too busy tap dancing their way between rehearsals to be anywhere near the site of the murder, though a well placed brush ball-change could be enough to silence someone forever. 

Weapon of choice: Hamilton the cat

Alexandra Kerr

Alexandra was far, far away from the crime scene on the night of the murder; she spent the whole night in her room practicing runs.

Weapon of choice: plastic spoon

1st Years

Aimee Lu

Aimee was too busy studying for her 16th anatomy test to be the killer, though now she can identify each and every part of the victim’s body. We’re so proud of her!

Weapon of choice: anatomy workbook

Ethan Nguyen

Ethan was looking for his electric scooter after someone stole it straight off the bike rack. He’s on a path to revenge, and he won’t let anyone stand in his way.

Weapon of choice: bike lock

Charlotte Mulligan

Charlotte refuses to say where she was the night of the murder, but rumor has it a british woman that looked just like her was seen on grounds that night.

Weapon of choice: killer low notes

After the concert, please join us at 336 15th St for our after party!