The New Dominions is the University of Virginia’s oldest co-ed a cappella group and we have 25 years worth of history. The completely student-run group dedicates itself to bringing a dynamic edge to the University’s proudest traditions, growing in strength and ability over the last twenty five years and performing at events and concerts across the country. The New Dominions is guaranteed to please any crowd with its varied repertoire including music of all genres, from Sara Bareilles to Radiohead, and from Frankie Valli to Billy Joel. Be sure to check out the Music page!

Often referred to by students as the “NewDos,” the group was was founded in 1990 by Burt Kann, Stephen Murray and Joanna Parsons, students at the University of Virginia. The group initially served as a temporary way to teach first years the basics of a cappella so they could audition for existing groups around Grounds. Once the NewDos came to their senses and realized what a terrible idea this was, they chose to stick together and have been exploding heads with awesomeness ever since. Today, the Newdos has become the University’s premier co-ed a cappella group and holds auditions every Fall and some Spring semesters that are open to all interested U.Va. students. Follow us on our Facebook and Twitter pages to keep up with us.

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