We’ve been making music for over 20 years. All proceeds from sales go directly to helping us produce more CDs so we can keep making music, so head on over to the New Dominions iTunes page to purchase our CDs! Our newest albums are also available on Loudr.FM for online download. If you would like to make an additional donation or purchase our older CDs, please contact us! We will be forever grateful.

We want to thank James Gammon Productions for all their hard work on producing our CDs. We couldn’t do it without you, James!

Click on the images to find the track listing for the CDs!

Boxed or Hung

Boxed or Hung (1998)

Newdos Music

Whatthehellhappened? (2000)

Live and Let Da CD

Live and Let Da (2002)

Newdos Music

Your Mom (2003)

Ya Heard CD

Ya Heard? (2005)

Newdos Music

Almost Awesome (2006)

Exit Only CD

Exit Only (2007)

Newdos Music

Tip Your Barista (2010)

Newdos Music

Boxer Breakfast (2011)

Porch Time CD

Porch Time (2013)

23 Degrees CD

23 Degrees (2014)


No Context (2016)